We are a leading Youth education/training organisation based in the UK providing young people and those who support them with innovative enrichment and learning programmes and resources that:

  • Make learning engaging, empowering and fun.
  • Teach and encourage personal and social responsibility.
  • Help them live with purpose and realise their peak potential.

We bring the latest accelerated learning and delivery practices to the fore, to ensure we deliver tangible results with learners that drive forward real change in their lives.

Our high impact Persoanl and Social Development programmes support and implement initiatives that have as their aim Behaviour improvement, Community Cohesion, Raising Aspirations, Improving Employability, Promoting Equality & Celebrating Diversity, Tackling Bullying, Improving Emotional Wellbeing & Improving Teaching and Learning.

We work with a wide range of clients across education including Secondary Schools, Primary Schools, FE Colleges, Post 16 Training Providers, PRU's, Prisons, Youth Organisations - Essentially anyone with whom we share the ideals of fulfilling potential; whether through forward thinking models of education or programmes that bridge knowledge with the life skills, attitudes and values necessary for the success of our young people.

The training that you receive in Emotional Literacy & Anger Management is fun, well presented and thought provoking – I can’t wait to deliver this to my E2E learners.

Ashley Wilson, Training Advisor, YMCA Training

I learned to believe in myself… I’ve never really had the confidence in myself before, until now… thank you

Jenni aged 16

Highly user friendly & for all ages – learners absolutely love it

Beverley Kanuga, Training Manager, Circ Ltd

I learned about people and their qualities

Josh aged 17

I learned to understand my emotions and how they may affect me at different times. The whole Programme was really helpful and lots of fun too!

Byron aged 17

The content and delivery of the training was very engaging and up to date. The Programme held the ‘more than’ factor for me!

Jules Lunniss, Paragon Training

Brilliant and Inspiring! Thank you so much for your time, effort and skills.

Christine Morgan, Manager, Northamptonshire

Voice it! is extremely practical and effective in dealing with issues such as Bullying, Anger Management, Self Esteem and Motivation!

Vargini Ledchumykanthan, LSU Manager, Bow Secondary School

This training made an uninteresting subject very interesting. It will help to promote great, new ideas and fun ways of involving learners

Michele Wickenden, Bexley Training Group Kent

A brilliant programme! The young people really enjoyed themselves, but more importantly learned so much.

Chris Dart, E2E Coordinator, Kingston Mauward Training

I learned what equal opportunities actually is; giving people a fair go no matter what our differences! And… it was so much fun!

Callum aged 18

What I loved about these workshops was being able to work on things that really matter in life

Sarah aged 16

The Programme definitely met my needs. It was totally the opposite of what I expected… it was certainly not another boring sleepy rubbish training! I’m really pleased with the programme

Chris Totty, JHP Hartlepool

I learned that no goal in life is impossible

Will aged 16

I learned not to judge on first appearances

Mike, aged 15

Excellent solution to lightening what can be a very dry delivery subject; equality & diversity. The Programme is thought provoking and is a brilliant way to entertain and educate our learners

Sheila Ozbas, Somerset County Training

Our learners thoroughly enjoyed the Programme . It exceeded my expectations

Heather Mecalf, Northern Racing College Doncaster

Voice it! had really fun ways of getting us to learn. I loved it – it was great!

Anna aged 15

Wasn’t sure at first if it would be interesting as I have attended several equality and diversity programmes in the past. However I found it to be the best one ever! Very well presented and an extremely useful programme.

Marion Robertson, JHP Leeds

I learned to think good of myself and not bad

Cassie aged 15

Highly impressive and valuable training, and I’ve been on a lot of training in Equal Opportunities – none of which compare! The programme available to us is brilliant!

Genista Dunham, Trainer, SCA

Extremely positive and very interactive – never a dull moment! I enjoyed all the interactive activities, group work and discussions

Jenni Jones, JHP Coventry

I understand how to apply the Equality & Diversity programme with clarity and as a group we have been inspired

Marsha Ferry, Northampton College

I learned about who I am

Ben aged 18

I learned there’s always more to people than what you see on the outside

Emma aged 17

Very impressed with the Programme. It was delivered in a manner which stimulated and maintained interest throughout.

Marg Walker, Barnardos Palmersville North East

I enjoyed all aspects of the Programme and can see great potential for using this resource

Trevor Srani, YMCA London

The Voice it! Workshops are so well received by all students and I would recommend the programme to other providers.

Tony Moore, Senior Training Coordinator, Bournemouth & Poole FE College